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Be well

Bedding for big sleepers

We are a family company that has been existing on the Polish market since 1989. With the same passion, we have been testing new technology and manufacturing solutions for all these years. We follow the world trends and introduce new bedding collections to the market, always taking care of their highest quality. Our goal is to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

In 2013, we created the bewell brand under which we produce bedding articles for adults. Among our products, especially down duvets and pillows have been appreciated in many Scandinavian countries and even in Japan. The raw material is exclusively obtained from the slaughterhouses from geese and ducks bred in Poland. It is followed by careful washing, de-dusting and sorting processes. Filling material is then tested in our laboratory for cleanliness and fill power.

We stand for the quality of our products, so we give a 5 – year guarantee on collections Classic, Eleganza, Luna and Ducky.

In our wide range of products with synthetic fillings, you will find pillows and duvets manufacture under license of AdvanSa, the world-famous company. We offer Hollofil® Allerban® – especially recommended for people with allergies due to their anti-dustmite properties, Hollofil® Eco® – manufactured with the care of the environment, Dacron® 95°- which can be washed at high temperature.

As the only company in Poland we offer duvets and pillows with the invented and patented in Denmark in 1989 Fossflakes® filling. Its innovative structure is comparable to soft and delicate snowflakes, making it an excellent alternative to down.

Our latest collection is a unique, the naturally antibacterial line of Bamboo pillows and duvets with silky and pleasant to the touch fabric with antistatic properties obtained by the excellent combination of bamboo and cotton. Filling is a blend of polyester and  viscose of bamboo fibers what results in the excellent moisture control and durability of products.

That and more you can find in our online store.

Hollofil Allerban
Hollofil Eco
Dacron 95
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