Be baby®

Bedding for little sleepers

Taking care of the babies’ sleep, in 2011 we decided to create a be baby® brand under which we introduced items for children. Currently in our offer you can find duvets and pillows, bedding and cotton and bamboo blankets. All of our products have been tested for compliance with the strictest European standards to ensure toddlers the maximum protection. They do not contain harmful dyes and chemicals what is confirmed by inspection made according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex®, class I – articles for babies and Certificate of Health Quality.

In our wide range of products you can find articles manufactured under license of well-known in the world AdvanSa company. For example Hollofil® Allerban® – especially recommended to allergy sufferers, because of its unique anti-dustmite properties and Dacron® 95°, which can be washed at high temperature. Another interesting segment are pillows and duvets with filling made from natural ingredients. Our collection Bamboo is made of viscose fibers obtained from crushed bamboo stems. These products are marked with the V-Label certificate confirming that they were produced without any content of animal ingredients. 


A novelty in our offer among the natural products is the ecotton collection which has been specially created for people who appreciate ecology and nature.


As a natural plant-based material, cotton is the perfect choice for those looking for alternatives to synthetic and animal-based fillings such as down, wool or silk.

Hollofil® Allerban®
Extremely warm quilts and comfortable, flat pillows, thanks to the anti-allergenic properties, provide a healthy and comfortable sleep to your child. Filling fibers contain an active factor Allerban® that counteracts development of bacteria, fungi and mites. Allerban® is an integral part of the fiber, its interaction does not disappear even after repeated washing.
Unique quilts and pillows for infants and young children made of silky and pleasant to the touch fabric with antistatic properties, obtained by the perfect combination of bamboo and cotton. Filling is a blend of polyester and viscose of bamboo fibers what results in the excellent moisture control and durability of products. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, dust mite and mould resistant - perfect for allergy sufferers.
Dacron® 95°C
Through the use of innovative technology in the production process to strengthen the structure of the fiber, quilts and pillows DACRON®95°C are exceptionally durable and resistant to high temperatures. Use of this fill allows washing products at 95°C and mechanical drying without the negative impact on the structure of the fibers.
Comforel® Allerban®
Non-allergenic pillows Comforel® Allerban ® combine such benefits as ease-of-use, flexibility and softness with health benefits. They adapt to the shape of the head and neck – extremely comfortable from the first use. Filling contains an active factor Allerban® that counteracts development of bacteria, fungi and mites.
Eleganza duvets and pillows for infants and small children are highly appreciated by the most demanding parents of little customers because of extraordinary filling - 90% Polish white goose down, properly prepared to give your baby the highest quality sleeping comfort possible. Duvets are extremely warm and pillows are soft and delicate.
Quilts and pillows for babies and little children with sensitive skin. Products are developed with dermatologists. Sets don't contain synthetic dyers, harmful chemical substances and heavy metals. They are made of breathable and delicate microfiber with MICROTOUCH formula for velvet softness.
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