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Bedding for big sleepers

Bedding for little sleepers

Granulat poliestrowy

Ball fiber filling

Włókniny poliestrowe

Polyester nonwoven

Filc igłowany geowłókniny

Needlepunched nonwoven


We are the undisputed leader in the textile industry in Poland and we know your needs very well. From the very beginning of our activity, with the same passion, we have been looking for new solutions and innovations in bedding industry to be able to introduce into the market excellent products of the highest quality. Our aim is to give you the touch of luxury you deserve.

We were never afraid of new challenges and that’s why today we are the only producer in Poland proud to be licensed to use so many famous brands. Our polyester nonwoven is highly appreciated by the most demanded customers as it makes sofas, chairs and mattresses resilient and assures long lasting comfort. The quality of our duvets filled with Polish Goose Down is well known even in Japan. For over 20 years we have been trusted to deliver exclusive bedding products made of original materials. The quality consciousness and a good service have made us a reliable supplier both for our commercial partners and under the label of large European distributors.

Our wide range of production includes:

– Oeko-Tex cl.I approved quilts, pillows and featherbeds with Polish down and feathers,

– Branded quilts and pillows of Dacron Sleep Products Line (AdvanSA), as well as with Fossfill and Ingeo branded fillings,
– Non-allergenic bedding articles for babies,
– Fillball – Oeko-Tex cl.I approved, innovative cluster fiber for pillows and cushions,
– Associated services.

However Poldaun is not only the production premises equipped with professional technological lines but, which is more important, the team of ambitious, creative and enthusiastic people.

We enjoy our lives and share the passion for sleeping so no one can understand our customers better than we can. We do our best to make you feel happy and excited even before the first cup of coffee in the morning. Waking up in our bedding, you can feel that…… it’s going to be a good day today.


POLDAUN was established in 1989 in cooperation with our Austrian partners as a joint venture company. We have been able to reach the position of a credible down and feather supplier through our persistence in application of the highest quality raw materials and investing in state-of-the-art technology, as a result of which we have made our presence distinct on the very demanding markets in Europe and Japan.

One of the prerogatives at the time of establishing of the Company was to initiate production of pillows and duvets. These plans were realized in 1993 when the first sewing facility was put into operation.

The production of duvets and pillows with natural and synthetic filling was initiated. This line of our production continues up to the present day. Gradually, the Company has been developed and equipped with specialised machinery.

In 1999, DuPont (current AdvanSA), a corporation with worldwide operations, granted POLDAUN an exclusive licence to manufacture pillows and duvets with their top-quality fillings in Poland. The cooperation is further developed and the products manufactured under DuPont (current AdvanSA) licence have become one of the dominating products in our production range.

In 2002 POLDAUN started the production of polyester thermobonded nonwovens that find application in bedding, mattresses, sleeping bags and upholstery industry.

In 2006 we also launched the production of Fillball and Filball FR ball fiber for pillows and cushions. 

In 2020 we started a production of needlepunched nonwoven and geotextiles used in building and road construction and gardening. 


Currently POLDAUN is the leading manufacturer of bedding goods in Poland. The company operates three sewing facilities and three departments manufacturing and refining the finest quality raw material, whose process equipment includes computer-controlled quilting machines, specialised process line for down and feather as well as polyester processing equipment and own freight vehicles. There are currently over 50 people employed in the company. Our customers include wholesale and retail businesses nationwide and abroad. 


In order to meet the market demand, POLDAUN constantly makes investments to the further Company’s development. In 2002, new process lines for manufacturing thermally bonded polyester nonwovens were fitted and began operation. Nonwovens are used as a filling for duvets, mattresses, sleeping bags and also in the furniture industry.

We have been a reliable business partner for over thirty years.



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