Thousands of fluffy little balls…

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of polyester nonwovens and other filling materials for upholstery industry we expanded our offer and started to produce ball fiber in 2006.

Fully automatic manufacturing process lets us modify the technical parameters and adjust the ball fibers’ properties to the required specification of the final product.

FILLBALL is made of carefully selected, innovative polyester fiber with the silicon finishing. Every little fiber is spiral twisted lengthwise and has a hole inside, which assures the proper air circulation and resilience.

FILLBALL FR is made of flame-retardant fibers. 

The special spiral shape of the fiber gives more volume and the unique filling power at the low filling weight.

Fine fibers formed in the shape of little balls of 5mm in diameter have unusual properties comparable to the natural down.

The filling is well approved in cushions and all the soft parts of upholstered furniture.

FILLBALL is recommended for mixtures with polyurethane foam, feathers and FOSSFILL – our brand new offer for bedding and furniture applications.

Products filled with FILLBALL can be often washed at 60 degrees Centigrade and tumble dried. That allows to keep them clean and fresh with no harm to their functional advantages. The filling stays fluffy and resilient for a long time.

We are the supplier of Fillball and Fillball FR for the biggest manufacturers of bedding articles and upholstered furniture in Poland. Our ball fiber is also becoming more and more popular abroad.


Advanced technology and unique comfort…

The very important branch in POLDAUN activity is manufacturing of polyester nonwoven.

They are made of 100% polyester fibers in the process of thermobonding. That special bonding is achieved by thermal influence on bicomponent fibers in which the melting border creates the strong and long lasting connections between fibers. That way created binders guarantee high durability and equality.

Thermobonded nonwovens are fluffy, resilient and long lasting.

Specialized production equipment allows us to offer a wide range of nonwovens adjusted to diversified requirements of our customers. Fully automatic manufacturing process is controlled by a computer system. It was designed in a way that gives the maximum elasticity of modifying both the product parameters and the production components.


  • of different width – from 16cm to 4m,
  • of different weight – from 100g/m2,
  • of different stiffness and resilience,
  • made of different types of polyester fibers,
  • in forms of various sizes and weights
  • as perforated forms on a roll.
Our nonwovens are applicable in quilts, covers, sleeping bags, upholstered furniture, outdoor clothing and mattresses.
We pay attention to the high quality of our products, in order they meet the strictest human-ecological requirements for baby products. That’s why we use only new fiber with no blending of used materials or fabric waste.

We supply renowned producers of mattresses and upholstered furniture.