People all over the world, no matter who they are – typical European families or members of research expeditions travelling through the wildest parts of the world have always chosen goose down bedding and sleeping bags. Also, billions of migrating birds are well protected by their own down, that gives perfect isolation regardless the weather conditions.

Natural climate is an important factor in the quality of goose down, which is determined by the size of the clusters. The colder the climate, the bigger the single down cluster. Extremely cold Polish winters – a nuisance for once, are the real blessing for us. Polish geese are well provided by nature and their down, famous all over the world for its unique properties, is incomparable to any other filling material.

We are proud of our superior quality Polish goose down and our experience in its processing blended with modern innovations. All of those to give you unique comforters, pillows and featherbeds, that are pure, natural and totally safe for your health, which is confirmed by Oeko-Tex label in every little product.

Light duvets that give the required level of insulation without excess weight have always been our speciality. Large clusters of down have high filling power and provide better insulation and breathability, which contributes to comfort and a good restful sleep.

For ages goose down have been considered to be the best bedding filling because its unique features assures the balanced sleeping environment.

  • it is extremely resilient – even highly compressed, comes back to its initial volume easily,
  • it releases moisture efficiently,
  • it assures excellent isolation even at low filling weight.

Why is our goose down so unique ?

  • we take care to obtain down only from credible sources, and cooperating with experienced and reliable suppliers we are sure that we have the first choice material,
  • our internal regulations of refining down and feathers correspond with strict European standards.

How do we prepare down before we fill your duvet with it ?

  • we wash and degrease it with the use of special detergents,
  • we dry and sterilize it at the temperature of 130°C,
  • we dedust it,
  • we sort it to get the demanded down content,
  • we take the control sample and examine if that is in accordance with our standards.

The properly refined down is odorless and free of any harmful organic pollution.


Every day our laboratory carefully examines the samples of down and feathers, which results in highest quality original natural filling in your pillow and duvet. You can sleep tight.

We analyze down and feather to confirm: